The 3 Secrets To Becoming A Profitable Author
We’ll take you by the hand and show you how to generate thousands of book sales and growth in your business…without investing a ton of time and money
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Just a few of the results we've achieved for authors just like you
Learn The 3 Most Effective Marketing Tactics For Book Launches (or Relaunches) That Generated Over 40,000 Book Sales For One Author On His First Book 
Just a few things we’ll cover on the training: 
  • The 4 steps to discovering the most fun and profitable book idea for you
  • How to get into writer's flow and NEVER get writer's block again
  • How every author can automate lead generation & customer conversion even if you don’t know where to start and know nothing about marketing
  • The truth on how any author can market & generate more customers for their business and avoid high advertising costs 
  • Top book launch consultant reveals his exact book launch (or relaunch) process to generate thousands of book sales and become a bestselling author (over 250 profitable, bestselling authors have been created using this exact process) 
  • The process we took one author through to generate over 40,000 book sales, while simultaneously selling high-end consulting services in an easy and automated way
  • A foolproof marketing system that helps you generate leads and convert your book buyers into high-end clients and purchasers of any other products you sell (membership products, digital products, coaching programs, and done-for-you services) 
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Tyler Wagner

Top Self-Publishing Consultant, 3X Bestselling Author
Just A Few Of The Subjects That We Will Go Over In The Presentation
Secret # 1
Secret # 2
Secret # 3
How to make the writing process fun and profitable by following some simple steps that school never taught you 
The top 3 most effective book marketing tactics that must be used during your book launch to sell thousands of copies of your book and become a bestselling author
The exact steps to build a 6 figure business off the backend of your book